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abbodi1406 116b51ce5d v0.49.1 fix 3 months ago
abbodi1406 70b8de8b57 v0.49.0 release
Replace cleanospp.exe with CleanOffice.ps1
Add fallback for Office 16.0 C2R licenses installer
Enhance Office 15.0 C2R detection
3 months ago
abbodi1406 f2da8d485e v0.48.0 release 7 months ago
abbodi1406 8a13e0f0fd v0.47.0 release 1 year ago
abbodi1406 d03dbff05e v46 release
Add fail-safe check for script relaunch on SysWOW64 or SysArm32
Enhance wmic.exe detection
Enhance extraction for embedded binaries
Enhance detection for more (most) C2R-R2V mixed scenarios
1 year ago
abbodi1406 7a9311e903 Fix AutoRenewal on non-Volume Windows 7 2 years ago
abbodi1406 fb3032ca85 v45 release
Add VBScript to compensate the missing wmic.exe on Windows 11 build 22483 and later
2 years ago
abbodi1406 e181b211c5 v0.44.0 release
Update SppExtComObjHook.dll to give the generated KMS ePID accurate CSVLK date
2 years ago
abbodi1406 2f2aba2e7e v0.43.0 release 2 years ago
abbodi1406 3cbc3e8210 v0.42.0 release
Add support for Office 2021
Add new fix for Office C2R non-genuine banner
Implement vNextDiag.ps1 functions for Check Activation Status [wmic]
Enhance Office C2R detection for vNext subscriptions
Enhance Office C2R-R2V conversion
Differentiate activated C2R, failed C2R-R2V or Retail MSI
Fix issue where mixed Office 2016 with 2019/2021 can lead to skip C2R-R2V conversion
Fix issue where if older AutoRenewal is installed, activation could fail
Add support for Windows 10/11 CloudEdition / N
2 years ago
abbodi1406 d60b48ba36 Fix External mode activation 2 years ago
abbodi1406 7e58b0a520 Fix: Office C2R 'Get genuine' banner 2 years ago
abbodi1406 cd15b524a3 Add support for Windows 10 ARM64 2 years ago
abbodi1406 b5c2dc4bbe v0.40.0 release
detect WOW64 process and relaunch from native x64 cmd.exe
changed default local KMS_IP to
updated SppExtComObjHook.dll to support Server 2021 CSVLK
added Server 2021 GVLKs
added partial support for Office 2021 Preview
added NoAcquireGT registry policy for Win10 build 14393
start sppsvc/osppsvc manually before running wmic query
enhanced Win10 EditionID detection for non-Volume capable editions
3 years ago
abbodi1406 021d0b3d1c v0.39.0 release
Add: proper detection for Windows 7 ESU KMS licenses, activation is disabled/skipped for now
Add: verify SppExtComObjHook.dll/registry if activation fails
Add: WS 2019 ServerTurbine gVLK
Add: new faster color method for Windows 10 v1511 and later
Fix: KMS-not-supported message will not be shown for supported editions in case of errors
Remove: KMS DnsPublishing/HostCaching commands
Update: faster reg.exe commands to set/clear KMS IP/Port
Update: better detection for Windows evaluation editions
Update: enhanced detection and differentiate info for non supported Office
Update: Read Me with detailed supported Windows editions
Update: few other code improvements and fixes
3 years ago
abbodi1406 280cdf1c72 fixed typo in C2R-R2V procedure 3 years ago
abbodi1406 40e76e44a1 v0.38.0 release
Enhanced Auto C2R-R2V
Use PUBLIC variable to extract ReadMeAIO.html
Show specific message for error 0xC004F035 on Windows 7
3 years ago
abbodi1406 991ea288f2 v0.37.0 release
Minor release. Improved auto Office C2R Retail to Volume conversion
3 years ago
abbodi1406 8bf9082b11 v0.36.0 release 4 years ago
abbodi1406 c0f878f0d3 v0.0.35-beta
Add: call RefreshLicenseStatus after installing key
Update: auto C2R-R2V, check status [wmic]
Update: ReadMe to show characters limitations in batch scripts paths
4 years ago
abbodi1406 e2cfb32afd v0.0.34-beta
Update: handle paths with special or non-ascii characters
Update: auto elevation code to prevent loop
4 years ago
abbodi1406 659093424b v0.0.33-beta
Update: cmd switches relation with manual options
Update: auto C2R-R2V, Office MAK checks, ReadMeAIO.html
Update: check status [vbs] to avoid duplication
Update: check status [wmic] to show expiration date
4 years ago
abbodi1406 e2d2fbf3b3 v0.0.32-beta
Update: create ReadMeAIO.html in Public profile instead Windows Temp
4 years ago
abbodi1406 59dfa5a896 v0.0.31-beta
Add: text colorization for some menu options
Add: show written debug log path
Update: ReadMeAIO.html, auto C2R-R2V
Fix: proper setlocal usage
4 years ago
abbodi1406 8024bbe81c v0.0.30-beta 4 years ago
abbodi1406 544eb479fe v0.0.29-beta
Update: embed SppExtComObjHook.dll directly instead
Update: menu options, removed Clear KMS Cache option
4 years ago
abbodi1406 5d8d975f55 v0.0.28-beta
Update: auto C2R-R2V
4 years ago
abbodi1406 9c6e894d89 v0.0.27-beta
Add: Office C2R-R2V menu option, cmd switch and manual option
Add: KMS_VL_ALL_AIO title brand, check status titles
Add: evaluation Windows editions detection
Update: volume Windows editions detection, auto C2R-R2V
4 years ago
abbodi1406 afce7f5096 v0.0.26-beta
Update: auto C2R-R2V
4 years ago
abbodi1406 8d497025bb v0.0.25-beta
Update: menu look, Office MAK check, auto C2R-R2V
4 years ago
abbodi1406 6772722691 v0.0.24-beta
Update: auto C2R-R2V, call :activate without %app%
Fix: Office 2010 MAK check, Office 2010 C2R detection
4 years ago
abbodi1406 d75d1c5121 v0.0.23-beta
Add: auto C2R-R2V support, embedded
Update: Office 2016 C2R detection
4 years ago
abbodi1406 af1d467224 v0.0.22-alpha
Add: auto C2R-R2V placebo
Remove: Office 2019 Preview checks
4 years ago
abbodi1406 d043da3642 v0.0.21-alpha
Rearranged menu options
4 years ago
abbodi1406 e50ebb7925 v0.0.20-alpha
Add: Office 2013 C2R detection
Update: gVLK installation
4 years ago
abbodi1406 27fbb06c46 v0.0.19-alpha
Add: full OS name for non-KMS message
Update: check products with ApplicationId instead Name
4 years ago
abbodi1406 86efe08842 v0.0.18-alpha
Update: create $ option
4 years ago
abbodi1406 3a252a756c v0.0.17-alpha
Add: support for multiple debug logs
4 years ago
abbodi1406 147289e86f v0.0.16-alpha
Add: Debug Mode menu option, Removal cmd switch
4 years ago
abbodi1406 e28407e91e v0.0.15-alpha 4 years ago
abbodi1406 ce7f155680 v0.0.14-alpha
Add: visible script version
4 years ago
abbodi1406 d86bfec56a v0.0.13-alpha 4 years ago
abbodi1406 9c7c876e52 v0.0.12-alpha
Add: Create $ Folder option
4 years ago
abbodi1406 c9ae06cac9 v0.0.11-alpha
Add: embedded ReadMe.html
Update: menu look, external activation option
4 years ago
abbodi1406 581a5ff27b v0.0.10-alpha
Update: legacy manual options
4 years ago
abbodi1406 9d0936d9fe v0.0.9-alpha
Update: non-KMS supported message
Remove: redundant edition name in successful activation message
4 years ago
abbodi1406 503ebaa288 v0.0.8-alpha
Remove: unnecessary powershell initialization
4 years ago
abbodi1406 f70a978f73 v0.0.7-alpha
Update: do not set cmd window buffer in silent or debug mode
4 years ago
abbodi1406 43c13bdb64 v0.0.6-alpha
Update: removal option, set cmd window buffer
4 years ago
abbodi1406 0e3089f802 v0.0.5-alpha
Update: Clear KMS Cache menu option
4 years ago