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IT-Syndikat matrix bot

Running in

This bot was recently rewritten in Rust, the original python implementation can be found in the python-legacy branch.


For all these steps, either install the binary using cargo install and then run it as its-matrix-bot, or run the project directly from the repository using cargo run -- (e.g. cargo run -- setup).

  1. Copy config.toml.example to ~/.config/its-matrix-bot/config.toml (or some other location later specified using -c, --config)
  2. Run first-time setup using its-matrix-bot setup [-h HOMESERVER_URL] USERNAME and enter the bot user's password.
  3. Start the bot using its-matrix-bot run.

Available commands

  • !isitopen: check if the hackerspace is currently open
  • !spaceping: play a chime in the hackerpace to attempt to get someone to read your matrix messages