Added even more debug output

Signed-off-by: Tyrolyean <>
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Tyrolyean 2020-04-30 22:18:51 +02:00
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commit a9f30b9ff0
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@ -136,15 +136,17 @@ int remove_mail(struct email_t* mail){
size_t remove_len = end - mail->message;
size_t remove_offset = mail->message - root->message;
propagate_size_change(mail, -remove_len);
if(!remove_string(root->message, root->message_length,
remove_offset, remove_len)){
fprintf(stderr, "Unwilling to remove string from message at "
"offset %lu with len %lu!\n", remove_offset,
"offset %lu with len %lu total length is %lu!\n",
return -1;
propagate_size_change(mail, -remove_len);
propagate_insert_delete(root, root->message+remove_offset, -remove_len);