Corrected directory length

Signed-off-by: tyrolyean <>
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tyrolyean 2020-05-01 00:42:31 +02:00
parent c051f258da
commit 0431bcda91
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@ -387,14 +387,14 @@ int replace_files(struct email_t* mail, const char* dirname, bool* created){
static const char* html_filler_pref =
"<br><a>MAIL ATTACHED</a> The following attachment of this mail has "
"been remotely stored: <br>\r\n"
"<p> File %s of Type %s as <a href=\"%s/%s\">%s/%s</a></p>\r\n";
"<p> File %s of Type %s as <a href=\"%s%s\">%s%s</a></p>\r\n";
static const char* text_filler_pref =
" --- MAIL ATTACHED ---\r\n The following attachment of this mail has "
"been remotely stored:\r\n"
"File %s of Type %s as %s/%s\r\n";
"File %s of Type %s as %s%s\r\n";
size_t directory_len = strlen(dirname);
size_t directory_len = strlen(directory);
size_t url_len = strlen(url_base);
size_t mime_len = 0;
if(mail->file_info.mime_type != NULL){