Small utility collection for dealing with file archives that have dependencies
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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: ISC */
#ifndef HASH_TABLE_H
#define HASH_TABLE_H
typedef struct hash_bucket_t {
struct hash_bucket_t *next;
char *key;
void *value;
} hash_bucket_t;
typedef struct {
hash_bucket_t **buckets;
size_t num_buckets;
size_t count;
} hash_table_t;
int hash_table_init(hash_table_t *table, size_t size);
void hash_table_cleanup(hash_table_t *table);
void *hash_table_lookup(hash_table_t *table, const char *key);
int hash_table_set(hash_table_t *table, const char *key, void *value);
void hash_table_foreach(hash_table_t *table, void *usr,
int(*fun)(void *usr, const char *key, void *value));
#endif /* HASH_TABLE_H */