Mirror of my stupidly simple http server
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Build Status

Really simple, small HTTP server. Designed to act as a primitive HTTP server on my android devices.

For Android-Instructions, visit the Wiki


Some binaries can be found in the bin/ folder. If you need Android binaries, please keep in mind to use the right platform. You may need to compile the sources by your own!

CROSS-Compile for Android

This procedure has been tested on my Cyanogenmod-11.0 Android Tablet. Compiled with arm-linux-androideabi-gcc (You will need a working Android NDK toolchain)

Compile for Android with

make android

Make sure, the Android-NDK toolchain is installed and available as arm-linux-androideabi-gcc, otherwise modify the Makefile: Replace CC with CC=arm-linux-androideabi-gcc (see Makefile)

and make sure -static is set in CC_FLAGS (in the Makefile)

For detailed Install instructions see the Wiki or checkout the Android-INSTALL file in the android/ folder


Since 0.2 nanoHttp supports POSIX-threads. Each request is forked into a new thread if desired to do so.

You can disable this feature by removing the DEFINE _NANOHTTP_THREADING in nanoHttp.h. Since Android NDK supports POSIX-threads, this feature is Android-compatible.

Inspiration and original source

This project is build on the original source from sanos