Mirror of meteo - My environmental monitoring solution
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meteo MQTT component
Listens for meteo messages on MQTT and updates the state accordingly.
Offets a service 'meteo'
Also offers a service 'set_state' that will publish a message on the topic that
will be passed via MQTT to our message received listener. Call the service with
example payload {"new_state": "some new state"}.
To use the meteo component you will need to add the following to your
configuration.yaml file.
topic: "meteo"
from homeassistant.components import mqtt
import voluptuous as vol
import json
import logging
_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# The domain of your component. Should be equal to the name of your component.
DOMAIN = "meteo"
CONF_TOPIC = 'topic'
DEFAULT_TOPIC = 'meteo/#'
## Schema to validate the configured MQTT topic
#CONFIG_SCHEMA = vol.Schema({
# vol.Optional(CONF_TOPIC, default=DEFAULT_TOPIC): mqtt.valid_subscribe_topic
def friendly_name(name) :
if name == "t" : return "Temperature"
elif name == "hum" : return "Humidity"
elif name == "p" : return "Pressure"
else : return name
def setup(hass, config):
topic = config[DOMAIN][CONF_TOPIC]
hass.states.set("meteo.present", "yes")
# Listen to a message on MQTT.
def received(topic, payload, qos):
# Parse json
try :
j = json.loads(payload)
station_id = int(j['id'])
station_name = j['name']
hass.states.set("meteo.%d"%station_id, station_name)
base = "sensor.meteo_%d" % station_id
hass.states.set(base + "_name", station_name)
attr = {}
for x in j :
if x in ["id","name"] : continue
try :
attr = {}
attr['friendly_name'] = "%s %s" % (station_name, friendly_name(x))
hass.states.set(base + "_" + x, float(j[x]),attr)
except ValueError :
except Exception as e:
_LOGGER.info("meteo invalid json received: %s (%s)" % (payload, e))
# Ignore for now
hass.components.mqtt.subscribe(topic, received)
# Return boolean to indicate that initialization was successfully.
return True