Mirror of meteo - My environmental monitoring solution
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package main
import (
client "github.com/influxdata/influxdb1-client"
type InfluxDB struct {
database string
client *client.Client
func ConnectInfluxDB(remote string, username string, password string, database string) (InfluxDB, error) {
var influx InfluxDB
influx.database = database
host, err := url.Parse(remote)
if err != nil {
return influx, err
conf := client.Config{
URL: *host,
Username: username,
Password: password,
influx.client, err = client.NewClient(conf)
return influx, err
// Ping the InfluxDB server
func (influx *InfluxDB) Ping() (time.Duration, string, error) {
return influx.client.Ping()
// Write a measurement into the database
func (influx *InfluxDB) Write(measurement string, tags map[string]string, fields map[string]interface{}) error {
point := client.Point{
Measurement: measurement,
Tags: tags,
Fields: fields,
//Time: time.Now(),
Precision: "s",
pts := make([]client.Point, 0)
pts = append(pts, point)
bps := client.BatchPoints{
Points: pts,
Database: influx.database,
//RetentionPolicy: "default",
_, err := influx.client.Write(bps)
return err