Mirror of meteo - My environmental monitoring solution
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ESP32 meteo Node

This folder contains source code for a ESP32 based node. The node is connected to the Wifi and periodically pusblishes it's data via MQTT.

ESP32 Demo

The Arduino Sketchbook for the meteo-node is meteo-esp32.ino.


The recommended way is to download the required libraries via the Arduino IDE


You need to modify at least the WIFI password and the MQTT server. IF you are planning to setup multiple nodes, configure NODE_ID and NODE_NAME accordingly


// TODO: Set your Wifi SSID and password

#define WIFI_SSID ""
#define WIFI_PASSWORD ""

// TODO: Configure your node here

#define NODE_ID 0
#define NODE_NAME "outdoors"

// TODO: Set your MQTT server

#define MQTT_REMOTE ""
#define MQTT_PORT 1883
#define MQTT_CLIENTID "meteo-" NODE_NAME