Mirror of meteo - My environmental monitoring solution
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Lightweight environmental monitoring solution

This project aims to provide a centralized environmental and room monitoring system for different sensors using mqtt. Data storage is supported via a meteo-influxdb gateway.


Current meteo sensors are ESP32 based nodes with a BME280 sensor, but in principal every node that is able to push data via MQTT can be attached to the server.

See the EPS32 folder in Sensors for the current supported node

MQTT packets

MQTT is considered as trusted network in meteod. New station will be automatically added. If you want to have better access control, please use http and disable MQTT in your config file.

Every node that publishes MQTT packets in the given format is accepted.

# Node ID: 1, replace in topic and payload

## meteo packets
TOPIC:    meteo/1
PAYLOAD:  {"id":1,"name":"Node","t":23.36,"hum":44.56,"p":99720.89}

## lightning packet
TOPIC:    meteo/lightning/1
PAYLOAD:  {"node":1,"timestamp":0,"distance":12.1}
# if the timestamp is 0, the server replaces it with it's current time


The provided meteo-influx-gateway is a program to collect meteo data points from mqtt and push them to a influxdb database. This gateway is written in go and needs to be build

go build ./...

The gateway is configured via a simple INI file:

remote = ""

remote = ""
username = "meteo"
password = "meteo"
database = "meteo"