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Felix 69211935ba
Ignore ini files 4 months ago
Felix 214397ab76
Fix reconnection behaviour 4 months ago
Felix 439dfbeac5
Tidy mqtt handling 4 months ago
Felix 1e3873fd88
Improve reconnect handling 4 months ago
Felix 54977b0730
Reconnect based on wifi events 4 months ago
Felix 754cdbdb7e
Merge pull request #15 from grisu48/deprecate 5 months ago
Felix 7d049f20b8
Remove deprecated software 5 months ago
Felix 02f7c6bdd1
Merge pull request #13 from grisu48/esp32 5 months ago
Felix 9c200df685
Merge pull request #14 from grisu48/influx 5 months ago
Felix 9751c42d33
Add mqtt-influxdb gateway 5 months ago
Felix 29962298df
Add Wifi reconnect 5 months ago
Felix 8068a51a3a Add home-assistant integration 2 years ago
phoenix 832e93f8fb Changed to go 1.11 2 years ago
phoenix d776101dc6 Fixed requirements for CI 2 years ago
phoenix 4ddffc6d79 Renamed www to web 2 years ago
phoenix dd32d7bada Reorganized repo 2 years ago
phoenix d414b4efac Ombrometer kickoff 2 years ago
phoenix 1e31b16148 Ombrometer database support added 2 years ago
phoenix 3a16dd9c86 JSON section improved 2 years ago
phoenix 4c72ee2ef3 Documentation refactoring 2 years ago
phoenix f5ed673030 Lightning handing added 2 years ago
phoenix 5a942e72be Date selector 2 years ago
phoenix 8d16c74a4e Edit switch 2 years ago
phoenix 0280522f4f Ignore toml 2 years ago
phoenix cbedf40f40 Edit station page 2 years ago
Felix 60e34c7af6 First CCS811 node 2 years ago
Felix 468ac2967a Nodes updated 2 years ago
Felix d9c545b92a LED blink 2 years ago
Felix b83ead85ea Node kickoff 2 years ago
Felix 7ee5efa6bc CCS811 kickoff 2 years ago
phoenix ed00dbb2b1 Requierements docu 2 years ago
Felix 99b2191cd8 Small bugfix 3 years ago
Felix d4be69e236 Node for ESP32 3 years ago
Felix 075befb2e3 Fixed: Missing timestamp in MQTT 3 years ago
Felix 88d010818c Small refactoring 3 years ago
Felix 4493160c8f Fixed CI 3 years ago
Felix cd258db2b9 Merged MQTT 3 years ago
Felix 107e494164 MQTT push 3 years ago
Felix 892a5575aa MQTT methods implemented 3 years ago
Felix a26c5a8054 Improved build instructions 3 years ago
Felix b052e49bf1 MQTT receiver handler 3 years ago
Felix fc40d4e34b MQTT kickoff 3 years ago
Felix adf47b26a9 Removed deprecated stuff 3 years ago
Felix 33e4e205b8 Deployment bugfix 3 years ago
Felix e360f263e3 Migration utility 3 years ago
Felix 7df276a0c3 Migration utility kickoff 3 years ago
Felix c211b67a53 README and web frontend updated to Sqlite 3 years ago
Felix 4105b6cac6 Token tests included 3 years ago
Felix 5a65adac6b Datapoint progression test 3 years ago
Felix 765715d5aa Tests for Datapoints started 3 years ago