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This repository includes all my steps to bring coreboot to my device.
Currently I only have Coreboot running on my Lenovo x200t.
Currently I only have Coreboot running on my Lenovo x220t.
## Instructions
Go in the directory of the device you're interested in.
Some interesting stuff is also in my wiki.


@ -14,12 +14,37 @@ As for now the original BIOS is in the file `flash.bin`. If you want to reset to
## Builds
All current builds for **MY** x220t are in the builds folder. Currently there is
The current working build is `coreboot-20171108.bin` and stored here.
* `coreboot_gbe_nativevga.rom` - Coreboot build with gbe and native vga
# Instructions
## Documentation
These instructions are done myself based on the official instructions from the Wiki and multiple pages.
It was working for my device but may need some fine-tuning for yours in order to make it work.
First: The device **could potentially be destroyed!** Make sure you can afford the loss.
## Preparations
You will need the following tools
* Laptop (x220 or x220t, I am working on the x220t based on the instructions for the x220, so that one should work fine)
* Screwdrivers
* Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
* USB to TTY Serial Cable
* Pomona SOIC8 5250 Test Clip
* 8x Female Jumper Wire
* HDMI cable, external monitor and external keyboard for the Raspberry
* (Optional but highly recommended) - Second computer, where you will build coreboot.
In principle you can also build the stuff on the Raspberry, but that might take a while.
## Disassemling the X220t
First: Power down the Laptop and remove the battery. **THIS IS CRITICAL**
Not removing the power is acutally the only thing where you can screw up really bad! Having the mainboard powered while flashing the BIOS could burn it. Make sure this is done properly!!
Remove the Keyboard and the Palmrest. It works straightforward but if you're unsure, read the Lenovo Guide [].
I skip this part for now, because other people have documented this pretty well themselves. See for example []
Currently very sparse and distributed accross mutliple machines, in the wiki, as a gist and here.
I will work on that soon!