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; -*- tab-width: 16; indent-tabs-mode: t; -*-
; vim: set ts=16 noet:
@ SOA (
2022071701 ; serial
3h ; refresh
1h ; retry
4w ; expire
5m ; negcache ttl
$TTL 5m
; These records are only informational, you have to update them on gandi
; under "Nameserver" and "Glue Records" respectively.
@ NS
ns0 A
ns0 AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:1f
@ A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:4
MX 10
TXT "v=spf1 mx -all"
www A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:4
etebase A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:4
mail A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:6
newmail A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:6
lux A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:5
meta A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f::d1:2
MX 10
TXT "v=spf1 mx -all"
git A
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:13
parabox NS
mailtrain MX 10
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:5
sozial TXT "Router at the space"
APL 2:2a0c:9a40:8070::/56
AAAA 2a0c:9a40:8070::1
ldap TXT "LDAP server at the space"
AAAA 2a0c:9a40:8070:80:2a7f:b595:6f90:1d12
ldap2 TXT "LDAP replica on the parabox"
AAAA 2a01:4f8:10b:331f:0:ff:fe00:23
bringmethehorizon TXT "Backup target at the space"
AAAA 2a0c:9a40:8070:80:b6c9:8b83:cbe6:6048
infectedmushroom TXT "Misc services VM at the space"
AAAA 2a0c:9a40:8070:80:a1b:da63:2497:499d
network TXT "Record to document network stuff"
TXT "1) subnet assignments with APL"
TXT "2) hex/pseudo 1337 router codes to name mapping with AAAA"
APL ( 2:2a0c:9a40:8070::/56 ; sozial
) AAAA ::4a1d AAAA ::de49 AAAA ::9710 AAAA ::52a1