Our DNS Zones
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ITS DNS Zone Managment

This repo contains the primary copies of all our DNS zones.

If you have access to our primary DNS server (dns.parabox.it-syndikat.org),
deploy them using this command:

    $ make sign upload

This will sign the zones using gpg using your default key and upload them
to the server using sftp. The server has incron running which will detect
the upload, verify the gpg signature, copy the zones into knot's zone
directory and reload the modified zones.

Beware, you should use an editor that supports auto-incrementing the zone
SOA for the update to be applied sucessfully on the server side. Emacs does
this by default, just say'in.

Note: Knot handles DNSSEC signing on the server side.

Using a non-default GPG/ssh key

Create a file `local.mk` and specify GPG_FLAGS and/or SFTP_FLAGS as follows:

# local.mk