Automated build of OpenWrt based firmware
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ITS WiFi Access Points Setup

We build the access points in use at the space using the LEDE/OpenWrt image builder. The deployed images are completely hands-off no configuration of the running firmware should be necessary as all the device specific setup is done using /etc/uci-defaults/ by keying off the MAC address.

See files/common/its/etc/uci-defaults/50-config-from-mac for details.

Building Images

To build the its images, run:

$ make its

the resulting images land in images/v0.$(date +'%Y%m%d'). The build system also produces a *.image-manifest file which contains the URL to the ImageBuilder used as well its hash and the corresponding image's hash.

Using Released Binaries

The offically released and deployed images are added to the repo using git annex since this will not actually add the files to git but rather just a symlink containing its hash. The actual binary images can then be uploaded to an internal server.

We also use git-annex to add secrets to the repo which will then only be available to authorized people using the internal git-annex store. For an example, see files/common/its/etc/uci-defaults/51-secrets. This file just sets up secrets, such as the WiFi/root password.