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5 years ago
ITS WiFi Access Points Setup
This directory contains the scripts and configuration for the automated building
of OpenWrt image-build based firmware images.
We use this to build fully pre-configured images for our 802.11
access-points. The deployed images are completely hands-off. No configuration of
the running firmware should be necessary as all the device specific setup is
done using `/etc/uci-defaults/` by keying off the device's MAC address.
5 years ago
See [`files/common/its/etc/uci-defaults/50-config-from-mac`](files/common/its/etc/uci-defaults/50-config-from-mac) for details.
Note that some of the files in this repository contain secrets, like
passwords. These files are stored using
[git-annex]( which merely stores a hash in the
(public) git repo and ships the relevant file contents off to a fileserver or
other internal storage location.
5 years ago
Building Images
5 years ago
The [`Makefile`](./Makefile) provides a target for each device type we have
images for, to build images for all devices at the space you can use:
5 years ago
$ make its
Wrote images to images/v0.20180506-3-g115cc99-dirty
5 years ago
the resulting sysupgrade images land in a directory in `images/`. The symlink
`images/latest` points to the directory of the image built most recently. The
build system also produces a `*.image-manifest` file which contains the URL to
the ImageBuilder used as well its hash and the corresponding image's hash.
Each produced image file contains the target, subtarget and profile names for
the targeted device (among other things), for example the Ubiquity UniFi AC
3 years ago
Lite's image is called `*-ath79-generic-ubnt_unifiac-lite*-sysupgrade.bin`
standing for `TARGET=ath79`, `SUBTARGET=generic`, `PROFILE=ubnt_unifiac-lite`.
These images can then be deployed by copying them to the respective device in
`/tmp` using `scp` and then running, over ssh:
# sysupgrade -n /tmp/*-sysupgrade.bin
If this fails for some reason and the target device is subsequently bricked so
bad it cannot even boot into
[failsafe mode](
any more, see
[OpenWrt Debricking Guide](
5 years ago
Using Released Binaries
The offically released and deployed images are available in this repo in the
[`images/`](images/) directory. They need to be retrived from an internal server
using [`git annex`]( before they can be
accessed. The public git repo only contains their hashes.
5 years ago
We also use git-annex to add the secrets used for generating the images to the
repo, which will then only be available to authorized people using the internal
git-annex store. For an example, see
5 years ago
[`files/common/its/etc/uci-defaults/51-secrets`](files/common/its/etc/uci-defaults/51-secrets). This
file just sets up secrets, such as the WiFi/root password.